Rehabilitation & Modernization of Jinnah Barrage

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Jinnah Barrage Pictorial View


Barrages Data

Year of Const Length between Abutments / Clear Water way (ft) Design Discharge (000, cfs) Off-taking Canal
Name Water Allowance
(Cs/000 Acres)
CCA (ma) Design Discharge (000, Cs) Length (Canal Miles)
Main Branches Distys Total
Five (5) Km d/s of Kalabagh Town, District Mianwali 1946 3,781 /
950 Thal 3.18 (P) 2.100
Mianwali, Khushab, Bhakkar, Layyah & Muzaffargarh
9 32 93 1,996 2,120

Identified Problems

Barrage remained in operation without any significant problems till start of Tarbela Dam operation in 1976 which caused excessive retrogression at Jinnah barrage due to silt free water flows through the barrage

  • Retrogression resulted in occurrence of abnormally high velocities downstream of the barrage leading to repeated structural damages of friction blocks, inverted filter blocks and stone apron;
  • Operational problems of gates and hoists:
    • Skin plate and trusses of gates damaged;
    • Erosion and corrosion of roller tracks, roller trains and rocking system; and
    • Cumbersome manual mechanism.

Engineering Studies

The following studies were carried out by renowned consulting firms/ individual consultants:

  • Safety evaluation study (1998)
  • Appraisal study (2001)
  • Feasibility study (2003-05)
  • Detailed design (2007-09)
  • Independent Panel of Experts (2012-13)

Project Evolution and Objectives

Sequel to the recommendations of engineering studies, rehabilitation and modernization of Jinnah Barrage was taken up under Punjab Barrages Improvement Phase-II (PBIP-II) Project with the financial assistance of he World Bank.

The overarching objectives of PBIP-II were to:

  • Rehabilitate & modernize Jinnah Barrage to enable reliable and uninterrupted supply of water for over 2.1 million acres of farm land benefitting about 600,000 farm families for irrigation and domestic water users; and
  • Build Punjab Irrigation Department’s capacity in improved water resources and irrigation system management.

Project Components

  1. Rehabilitation & Modernization of Jinnah Barrage
  2. Improvement and Modernization of the Irrigation and Water Management System
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation of Project Impacts
  4. Project Management, Technical Assistance and Training

Project Status

  • ICB Works Contract JB/ICB-01 completed.
  • Development of Water Resource Management Information System (WRMIS) & Decision Support System (DSS) in progress.
  • Installation of Real-Time Flow Monitoring (RTFM) System is in procurement phase.
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